How we work

Our submission processes might be familiar to some developers, but the way we handle our portfolio is very different.

As a partner company to Heaven Media, the largest dedicated gaming marketing agency in Europe, we have access to a large global talent pool, and over 80 retained staff, covering PR, Influencer management, community and social management, events and lots more.

Not only can we access this large pool of talent, our partner network is vast. Working with the biggest hardware and software companies, provides opportunities for promotion and publicity that even the biggest publishers would envy.


Submission Process

Just hit the ‘submit game’ link in the top right of the screen and follow the form process, completing with as much detail as possible.

Don’t worry if there’s more you want to show us. We respond to all submissions and you’ll have plenty of opportunity to show us what you’re capable of.

It needs to be in presentable form, so a vertical slice, ideally, or a working demo of some kind. 

We expect games to be 12-18 months away from launch, but we can consider games as close as 6 months from launch.

We’re open to all kinds of games, but there are some particular requirements we have.

Our expertise is in developing ‘Franchises’ – games with enduring characters, episodic potential, competitive games, or those with the potential for crossover into physical goods.

Ours (any your) investment in developing and marketing your title should have long-term potential. We’re not into one-hit wonders.

We work with a panel of investors, looking for strong commercial opportunities. 

If we take on your game, we’ll help you prepare with detailed forecasts, market evaluations and qualitative feedback.

The investor process is managed by our experienced industry professionals to give you the best partner and secure the best deal for your game in the long term.

That’s also fine – and we will give you the best possible terms if you’re just looking to lean in to our marketing and launch expertise.

We can provide a broad spectrum of services from vendor and platform management (including console), Launch planning and support.

Meet the leadership team

Digital Matters are all well-connected gaming professionals, with experience covering the full spectrum of gaming. We might be a new publisher, but we’ve all been working for and with publishers for over a decade, and each member of the leadership team has an impressive portfolio of game launch credits.


Industry Legend, Spencer Crossley (WB, Sony, Hasbro) leads the publishing team from the front


Mark Reed runs Heaven Media, with a global marketing team of 80 highly-experienced gaming professionals


David Patching has over 15 years leadership experience in gaming, he heads up the strategic and launch teams


Head of Brand, Niccolo, lives and breathes your community. What he doesn't know about gaming isn't worth knowing

Further Information

If you have not yet found the information you are looking for please contact us